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BKHC is your partner every step of the way. No fee until we succeed for you!

Q&A with our Team of Lawyers

Q: Why should I choose BKHC instead of another law firm?
A: Many other personal injury firms are looking for a quick result instead of pushing to get you the compensation that you deserve. We will not settle for less than what we think you should get!

Q: What can BKHC do for you?
A: We can change the landscape, we give you a voice, we make sure your voice is heard, and we make sure you're compensated with either money or medical help. Who represents you matters!

Q: Can you give me an example of a worker's compensation case that you have taken on and won for the client?
A: We often get clients coming to use saying that they've never met their lawyers, and they keep sending them to voicemail. In this particular case, the client had been going on 6 months without any medical attention after their work incident. BKHC was able to step in and give them the representation that they needed, getting them medical attention, and showing them the care and service that they deserve!

Q: Can I still be compensated if I am in someone else's vehicle during an accident?
A: There are several layers to consider. The driver responsible for the accident should have coverage for all occupants of the vehicle that they have hit. However, in the case that they don't, most insurance providers offer additional coverage for uninsured motorists or in other words passengers. As long as one of these two insurance providers cover the passenger, then you may be compensated for your injuries.