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Head Trauma and Brain Injury Lawyers

Advocacy for Brain Injury Victims in Southern California

San Diego Attorneys Experienced with Head Trauma Cases

A concussion caused by an impact can cause dizziness, headaches and an inability to concentrate. An intrusive head injury can have more serious complications and lead to memory loss, reduced verbal abilities and the inability to work.

Medical care, rehabilitation services and vocational training can help the victim adjust and adapt, but they can be very costly. A victim of head trauma may need to obtain compensation that can pay for these services and make up for lost income.

At Bender Kurlander Hernandez & Campbell, APLC, we are experienced advocates for head injury victims and their families. We have a record of success in workers’ compensation and personal injury cases and will work to help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

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Securing the Compensation You Need

Unfortunately for victims of head trauma and their families, insurance companies are not always willing to pay fair compensation. Getting what you deserve usually requires an experienced attorney.

Bender Kurlander Hernandez & Campbell has helped numerous victims of serious injuries obtain compensation, medical care and rehabilitation services. Our experience and determination has made the difference in thousands of cases.

We are aggressive and ethical advocates who use the workers’ compensation and justice systems to help our clients maximize the compensation they receive.

Help for Brain Injury Victims and Their Families

A victim of severe brain injury often needs long-term care, often at home. This can put tremendous demands on family members in terms of their finances, time and emotions.

At Bender Kurlander Hernandez & Campbell, we look at the effect on the entire family as well as the brain injury victim. In addition to compensation for medical costs, loss of income, and the disability of the victim, we will include a demand for compensation for long-term care, hospice care or home health care services where applicable.

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