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Hand Injury Lawyers

How to Maximize Hand Injury Compensation

Your ability to earn a living and provide for your family may depend on your ability to use your hands. But carpal tunnel syndrome or a hand injury by another cause can rob you of your occupation.

At Bender Kurlander Hernandez & Campbell, we obtain compensation for people injured while on the job. We are aggressive advocates who use our knowledge and experience to obtain medical care, rehabilitation services, and disability benefits for hand injury victims.

We strive to maximize the compensation you receive so that you can recover the full and fair amount you deserve for past, present, and future damages and losses.

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Assessing the Extent and Effect of a Hand Injury

Some hand injuries are obvious — such as broken or crushed bones, a missing finger, or severe burns. In other cases, the cause of the injury and its extent is more difficult to determine.

Injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome (repetitive stress syndrome) or a TFCC tear are subtle though no less real, and can result in nerve damage.
Some neck injuries actually cause nerve damage that reduces the functionality of the hand.

Bender Kurlander Hernandez & Campbell will work with medical specialists and other experts who can identify the extent of your injuries and the specific treatment and rehabilitation services you need. We can also use the findings of these specialists to support your case before the workers’ compensation appeals board.

Compensation for Hand Injury Victims

Bender Kurlander Hernandez & Campbell has helped many hand injury victims obtain compensation for medical care, rehabilitation services, and disability income. We are disciplined advocates who know how to use the legal system to achieve your goals.

Our firm will build a strong and persuasive case designed to maximize the compensation you receive.

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