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Client Reviews

Dear Mr. Bender: I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my case. For me, one of the highlights of this case was the manner in which your staff conducted themselves before, during and after trial. Not once did I feel like I was treated any different than one of you high profile cases. My interactions with your law firm always left me feeling like you cared.

As a token of my appreciation, I would like to give you (Mr. Bender) the Tony Gwynn mounted bat that I spoke to you about previously. Through our numerous conversations, it was clear to me that you were a Padre fan. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Hopefully, the settlement will enable us to plan for a brighter future.

Elvira Florea and Terry Johnson

Tyler Campbell is amazingly professional, fought hard on my behalf, made sure every detail was lined up, and truly got everything sorted out as soon as possible. He always responded to me quickly, and kept me up to date with full details to make sure I understood everything going on, as I had asked him to. Also when there were any hiccups, he is very knowledgeable and experienced on PI cases so he always knew where the issues would land us and how to approach and solve them. He saved me money on several instances to make sure that I walked away with the most I could for my injuries. Bill Bender one of the partners, is also phenomenal and very experienced; he had helped along the way with my case. They really ensure you are content with what’s going on while protecting you to help you to get what you deserve. The doctors that Tyler had recommended were all some of the best I’ve ever been to and can definitely be trusted to have your best interest and do what they can to try to get you better. From the start I had no idea what I was doing with a PI case and Tyler gracefully and patiently guided me through every step and answered every single one of my 100000 questions. Before this experience I did not trust doctors nor lawyers and this completely changed my perspective. This is a wonderful honest business that can be trusted and who cares about you! Highly recommend if you want to get taken care of properly. Don’t waste your money on anyone else!

Taylor Conticchio

I HIGHLY recommend them for any personal injury or workers comp you are going through. I had a injury from an old job who I was still under their rules as a worker’s comp, I wanted to treat my injury in the way I wanted to without having to follow the company’s rules, which was causing my injury to get worse. I knew I needed to ask for a settlement and I turned to finding them on Yelp and reading some reviews. I am SO grateful I found Brandi, who never gave up on fighting for my rights, and we recently had a successful settlement! I know a few coworkers who had the same injury I did and went through other attorneys who didn’t have as much success with their cases as I did with Brandi. I am forever grateful to her and her team. 5 stars EASILY! Thank you Brandi! 🙂

Katey Connell

Bill Bender’s office raises the standard for personal injury law firms in San Diego. They walked my father through every aspect of his case from regular phone calls, emails, and texts. They were always available within minutes to answer any questions. Going above and beyond fighting for his medical care. Always providing updates and providing him with communicative autonomy. If your looking for impeccable service, empathy, and professionalism: Bill, Claudia, Tyler, and Parker are your team. I can’t praise Tyler enough for his gracious, and swift negotiation skills with the insurance company.
Tyler is a rock-solid “SUPERHERO” he will get the job done.

Jessica Morales

They walked my father through every aspect of his case from regular phone calls, emails, and texts. They were always available within minutes to answer any questions. Going above and beyond fighting for his medical care. Always providing updates and providing him with communicative autonomy. If your looking for impeccable service, empathy, and professionalism: Bill, Claudia, Tyler, and Parker are your team. I can’t praise Tyler enough for his gracious, and swift negotiation skills with the insurance company. Tyler is a rock-solid “SUPERHERO” he will get the job done.

Jessica M.

My worker’s comp Attorney, Brandi Kurlander, handled my case, and her team were very nice and helpful keeping me up-to-date and with all my questions. I was surprised that it only took about 3-5 months for my case to get settled. We settled fast, and she also helped me get funds for retraining and help getting an additional $5000 for my permanent partial disability which I was surprised to get. I have bad experience where other worker’s comp took too long to even return my phone calls. I’m so glad another attorney referred me to her. Definitely give her a shot.

Ana L.

Bill bender and his entire staff were absolutely the best lawyers in town. I was involved in a severe accident and they handled everything for me( I actually switched to him because my first lawyer did nothing). I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I highly recommend them.

Charles G.

I was very fortunate to have been referred specifically to Tyler Campbell. I had previously consulted another Firm who ultimately turned down my case. Tyler took my zero situation and turned it into a six-figure result. He is the definition of a “go-getter.” He even took time away from his weekends in order to investigate my case. I have, and will continue to, sing Tyler’s praises to friends, family and acquaintances. Tyler is, in short, “Amazing”, and anyone who is fortunate enough to be legally represented by Tyler Campbell and his office, have only good things to look forward to.

Laurie Hanessian.

About a 6 months ago, I needed a lawyer to go deal with an insurance company that wasn’t holding up its end of the bargain very well. I met with Lisa Hernandez and decided to hire her on the spot. She spent the last 6 months dealing with the insurance company.

Since I wasn’t in too much of a hurry, I agreed to let her play a little chess with the other lawyers. She bluffed them well and got them to give me a fair and honest settlement.

The other guys were trying to short-change me but Lisa didn’t tolerate that and successfully called their bluff.

Greg F.

After a work-related foot injury at the age of 18, my entire life changed. I could no longer do many of the things I had once loved, and the care I was receiving from Workers Compensation was not improving my condition. Ultimately, I was referred by another attorney and the experience I had with Bill Bender and Brandi Kurlander truly changed my life. More than anything, they were concerned with getting me the medical treatment I needed to begin to recover. Very soon after my initial meeting with Bill and Brandi, I was seeing one of the best Podiatrists in San Diego, Doctor Sharon Dreeben. Although surgery did not completely cure my condition, it was the beginning of my ongoing recovery. As my medical treatment progressed, Brandi vigorously pursued getting me a great Workers Compensation settlement.

While Brandi worked on my workers compensation case, Bill Bender arranged to team up with the firm of Gomez-Iagmin Trial Attorneys to pursue my personal injury case. Jessica Sizemore was assigned to my case and she, Bill and Brandi all worked tirelessly to ensure I received the best possible settlement. They made a very difficult process so much easier for me.

In summary, I can say without reservation that the attorneys truly care about their clients. I will never forget what they have all done for me.

Taylor R.

Having a work related injury is the hardest thing I ever had to deal with. I want to thank Lisa Hernandez for helping me get through this with her professionalism, caring and compassion. You worked hard for me with the workers compensation attorneys. Thank you So much !!

Julie W.

Brandi Kurlander and her office are in my opinion the best of the best. In 2006 I had a life changing on the job injury. Early on I obtained a attorney that I quickly fired. After several years I realized that I couldn’t do it alone. When I met Ms. Kurlander I knew She was the right person for the job. She truly had my best interest at heart. Between getting me to the right Drs. and fighting for the right treatment for me, I can’t thank her enough. Oh yeah, and a great settlement. If you’re in need of a great attorney she is DEFINITELY the person to talk to. Thank you Brandi.

Tom J.

My experience with this office was amazing. Lisa Hernandez handled my workers’ compensation claim in a professional manner while still being very friendly & personable. Every time I called Lisa with questions or concerns regarding my claim she either answered my call on the spot or returned my call shortly thereafter. I was extremely satisfied with the way my claim was handled & with the end result. I would highly recommend to anyone with legal needs. While the whole staff was great, I would ask for Lisa Hernandez specifically as she far exceeded all of my expectations.

Sennai H.

Brandi is a super lawyer and very helpful , at the start they were having problems w/voicemails but after that instance everything has run smoothly ! She had gotten me medical care after my ins was canceled do to my injury ! She took my case when nobody else would !! I am VERY happy with Brandi !!!!

Mister X.

At the end of 2012, I was in an accident that resulted in a serious leg injury. Without going too much into the logistics , I would just like to provide some background information. I am a young woman who suffers from anxiety and was very nervous to move forward in any sort of potential lawsuit against the opposing insurance company. My mother was helping me to find an attorney and had shopped around and read wonderful reviews and decided to move forward and called to get more information. Bill Bender, a partner in the firm, called my mom personally to invite us in to further discuss my case.

I will never forget our first meeting when I was in tears because I was scared to go to court and I was fearful that I would be missing many workdays and that my life would basically be on hold until this case was resolved. That could not have been further from the truth. Bill was incredibly kind and respectful while also reassuring me that my life would not be “put on hold” and that from this moment forward, they would take the stress off of me, and handle any and every thing that the opposing side was going to argue. Brandi so kindly consoled me and reassured me that everything would be okay. They were supportive, understanding, compassionate and most of all- just NICE. At that moment, I knew I would be in good hands. I probably looked crazy while I was crying about a potential lawsuit, but as I said before, I have anxiety and I have no experience with court or attorneys so this was all a very new and overwhelming experience, especially while simultaneously dealing with the aftermath of the injury and the scar it left. Of course, after meeting with Bill Bender and Brandi Kurlander (the best, kindest, and most down-to-earth attorneys you will ever meet) I knew that I wanted this team to represent me.

Bill and Brandi are really a great team and they helped me to understand that I can move forward and continue with my life, but also get the representation and the compensation that I deserve. When I left their offices that day (which are beautiful by the way) I felt calm, relieved and happy to know that I would no longer have to worry about this every night- Bill and Brandi made it clear that the stress and anxiety was no longer on my shoulders, it was on theirs.

I can over-communicate and be overbearing sometimes, but no matter how foolish, annoying, or repetitive my questions and emails became, Brandi and Bill were there with an immediate returned phone call or email. I was just a minor case in their major law firm but they treated me like their number one client. They kept in touch with me and continued to be extremely communicative throughout this whole process.

Fast forward a short few months later: Bill and Brandi were able to settle outside of court for a very fair amount. I went to pick up my settlement check and on my way walking up the street towards their offices, I thought I saw Bill and Brandi and some colleagues walking by in the opposite direction (perhaps to court) but wasn’ too sure. I went upstairs and conducted my final business at Bender & Gritz and I was met in the hallway by both Brandi and Bill who also recognized me from downstairs. The fact that two very successful and busy lawyers would take the time out of their day, walk all the way back to their offices to greet me and my mother, really speaks volumes of these attorneys and their character. The deal was closed, there was nothing left for them to do (as they had executed their duties as my representation perfectly) and they still stopped whatever they were doing to come all the way up the street and upstairs back to their firm to give me and my mother a parting hug, was really very sweet and the icing on the cake. Even after the case was closed, they still continued to make me feel like their number one client when there was nothing left for anybody to gain. They are just nice people.

I have always heard pretty harsh stereotypes of attorneys and how they can be, but all I experienced were two professional attorneys who made me feel safe, at ease and most of all that justice was being served. They were always on my side, just a phone call away, and most importantly always with a smile on their faces.

I am really forever grateful to Bender & Gritz and more specifically to Bill and Brandi. Meet with them for an initial consultation and you will see what I mean.

S L.

I was in a car accident in oct 2008. I was hit by a woman speeding & she ran ared light. She t-boned me on the right side. My air bags came out and knocked the wind out of me. It sent my car spinning until i hit the island in the middle of the street, then I stopped. I was contacted by a partner of the firm through a friends ref. She came to my hospital bedside. Most people don’t like that but I thought it was a great thing. I told her to come. Of course, she asked me first, if it was ok. After a couple weeks of working with her, found out the woman who hit me didn’t have uninsured motorist insurance and I was not covered. I didnt have the type of insurance either. She then asked another lawyer to take my case, William Bender, then found a loophole where I was able to be covered under my Grandmother’s Insurance due to the fact I was living with her at the time of the accident. I was not a part of her insurance plan just living in her home. I got 15,000 on 02/14/2009. It took less then 3 months to get my $$$. They are great !! I had the best experience w/this firm. Very satisfied.
Ashlee R.

I didnt feel I needed an attorney, but a few months into the process I was being harrassed with constant calls and numerous letters by the insurance company. My mistake I should of called Bender’s office sooner. I reached out to a friend who works with many attorneys, I asked who he would recommend and without hesitation he recommended Bill Bender. I worked with Tyler Campbell. Tyler is incredibly professional, easy to talk to, and answered every question I had, in a prompt fashion. I sent an email at 8:00 p.m. about a question, Tyler calls me back within minutes with the answer. He also was able to get my medical bills reduced by a substantial amount. We settled the case a 100 times more than the insurance company was offering me. The website states “AGGRESSIVE, ETHICAL, and EXPERIENCED” Tyler exceeded those expectations. Tyler is amazing, if you’re in a situation of personal injury. Tyler is your guy.
Jeff N.

They are the BEST attorney’s that can help you and your business like did with mine in my time of need! I would highly recommend them to anyone… Thank you Mr. Bender & Associates!
Robert Lopez

Bill Bender is the best, he worked hard for me and received the maximum settlement very quickly. I recommend him to all my friends.
Chuck G.

Lisa Hernandez and her assistant Nancy were absolute rock stars when it came to the work and effort they put into my case. I went from stuck in limbo to worry free after my workplace accident , and the post settlement associates are getting me settled and taking advantage of the benefits afforded to me. Would absolutely recommend to anyone needing legal advice!
Craig E.

My personal injury case was handled professionally and as expeditiously as possible. I was always given an honest assessment of my case and never felt like I wasn’t a priority.
Mark Van O.

Omg. Lisa was amazing as was Nancy. I was done in a shorter than expected time frame. I had a great time with Lisa, I went back to B&G for a car accident situation and sadly this one seems to be taking a lot longer, but I am hopeful.
Alex C.

From the time my case was taken over till it was finished I was updated every step of the way. I would highly recommend to anyone. I will definitely use Bill in the future! Bill did an Amazing job and I had my settlement in no time!

My attorney Lisa Hernandez, was always an email or phone call away. Everything was handled thoroughly, and professionally from start to finish. What I appreciated most was the honesty, and respect that I feel I was treated with. During the entire process.

Ben Delgado

I’m so happy with the outcome of my case 😀 they helped me to win disability. excellent lawyers who definitely help their clients!

Heather Marie Steveson